Time for an update

I think this wave is about done and this could even be the LAST ONE UP from the lows in the 30’s depression…. The silly amount of complacency in the “markets” and love of the FED enabled by our criminally insane government would be bad enough, but the situation is even worse nearly everywhere worldwide…..

We can still have a blow off bubble top straight up but what the hell, Im with the nonexistent bears here…. The other optimistic scenario would be we are nearly done and 3100’ish would end P1 of V and then grind along or perhaps complete either a contacting or expanding ED along the lower LONG term trend line but all the waves are potentially in to complete 5 of a LONG V from 1930’s and the fourth turning (END OF THE OLD ORDER) is finally ready to start THE END GAME….VT15minVT60minVTweeklydow60min4-28dowweekly4-28dowdoom4-28

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