Of course It does also count very nice as an ABC and it’s due for a bounce I guess with all the extreme bearish sentiment going into year end so ‘they” could and WOULD have to ramp the hell out of it here…. As much as Id love to see it crash here and loving the action in gold and ST bonds I think 2021 or possibly even 2024 could be targets for THE END if we don’t do it like right now…. So PPT, I think the market is calling your hand here…

Here’s a potential bullish count, note the black trend lines, the one it’s on goes back to the 1921 bear =) Now accuracy is a problem with a T/L that long LOL but it does also meet it at the one from 09…. The white lines are FIB time…. The purple lines show a potential expanding ED should the PPT “pull it” here and regret it then do QE or some other BS sending it TO THE MOON…. Thats pretty much it in my mind scam it up higher or it dies here and now…… I do expect a bounce and I wouldn’t be surprised if they grind it on and on up in another ED from here all the way to 2021…. We see where it opens on the futures soon….


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