It’s the Solstice and it appears  it’s also a full moon, I don’t pay any attention to the moon cycles but it does seem like nice timing =)

I did a little more on the chart of DOOM, LOL  BUT it’s really not so funny, NOBODY seems to want to accept it and it appears the world is on the brink anyhow…. SAD but true….. SHTF soon I AM AFRAID, no BS, no joke =(

As the chart shows this is about it for the bulls yet I don’t celebrate it…

It can either bounce here (2300 is my line of DOOM) or we can start the last 5 year long wave 5 into 2024….. MOAR inflation??? Maybe and I can’t rule out the mother of all ENDING DIAGONALS on the LAST wave 5….. OR ELSE about sums it all up, Id love to be wrong…..101yearDOW12-21

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