SO here we are again…. Same old levels apply, bullish above 2777 SPX, 25.8K DOW, NDX is lagging in the futures and it will need 100+ points to come close to 7186 and COMPQ needs to get to 7505….. DOW propaganda “index” has been leading the way and all bets are off for the bears if they can reclaim 26.5K and around 2875 on SPX….. Im in show me mode still but a bond and gold rally along with King $$$ weakness looks in play to me short term…. Im still in he bear camp until they break it out to the upside and I believe the bulls will be bagholders soon =)

I’ve been lazy with my charts but this market is still untradable from here though I may dabble in a day trade or two next week which is promising to be very interesting….. SOON I think…..dow60min12-2scdowweekly12-2spxdaily12-2spx60min12-2spxweekly12-2ndx60min12-2ndxweekly12-2compq60min12-2

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